My husband and I are members of the Myotonic Goat Registry and we raise  registered premium  quality , extreme Fainters here in Forsyth Co., NC.   We are located in the heart of the beautiful Piedmont Triad Area .   Fainting Goats  are a very Rare and Unique Breed of goat , that make excellent pets .  We strive more towards the producing of the miniture goat for pets , 4-H projects and for show !    We raise quality breeding stock as well as trying to promote this rare breed by keeping them alive so they may be enjoyed by all , for their beauty as well as their uniqueness for many generations too come !   My husband and I do all of own veterinarian work on all of our livestock that we raise here , so we can keep them all healthy at all times .  We have the Original Black & White Spotted as well as a wide variety of other colors , including goats with Blue Eyes .  We pride ourselves in the Flashy Coat Patterns that we have been able to attained in our breeding program here on our little farm and hope to pass that attribrute on to others looking to accomplish the same for their own herds !  Our Guardian animal of choice for us is a female  Llama named Gracie and she does a great job and loves her herd that she's in charge of . We also have two miniature Dachshunds that we love very much and are a part of our family here on the farm .  We appreciate each and every one of you who have taken your time in getting to know us through our site . We would like to Thank you for your visit with us  .                                                                                                               GOD   BLESS !  Each and every one of you always !                                      Sincerely :    Don and Tammie Cain  , Walkertown , NC., 27051  


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