We will hold a goat  for a nonrefundable $50.00 Deposit each , until it's at least 8 weeks of age and at pick up time the Balance will be due in ( CASH ! )  We ask that the deposit be sent using a ( US Postal Money Order , PLEASE ! )   All of our goats have been checked for worms and wormed if needed also they will be up to date on all of their shots !  Hooves , beards and tails will be trimmed as well . Each Adult goat will come with it's original Registration Certificate and  transfer paper so you can put the goat into your Farm's name . We will also provide you with a ( MGR.) packet to get you started off in the right direction with important information about the Registry and the Mytonic Breed itself .  All of the babies will come with all of their paperwork in order for you to name them and to get them registered into your Farms name . We recommend that you buy at least two goats so that they will not be alone but we will sale you just one . We think that if you are wanting a pet , that a neutered male would make the best pet because they don't stink and never come in heat like a female will do . If you decide that this is what you want , pick out a male and we will band it for no extra charge but we will have to be paid in full  for the goat first . If anyone dose not pick their goat(s) up on the due date agreed on by both the seller and the buyer and dose not contact us in advance of any changes so we can make other arangements , they will loose their deposit and the goat(s) will revert back to being the property of our farm .  However , if for some reason  something unexpected dose happen and you want be able to come on that Day , Please let us know as soon as you can and we will be more than glad to work out another pick up time for you as long as you alert us to your situation . All of our goats are in good health and once you take possesion of your goat(s) , you are responsible for it's well being and care !  We do not give refunds for that reason !  We ask for you to bring some type of carrier or dog crate to house your goat for it's trip home . We don't recommend you putting the goat in an open air container on the back of a truck  where the goat will be exposed to the elements and might get sick . If an open air container is all that you have please bring at least a tarp to put over it so it can provide shelter from the weather and or winds on the way back to it's new home . Thank you ! for your understanding !  Please feel free to ask questions about any concerns that you might have . We are here to help !

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